Season House Decorating

Because I feel like my HOUSE isn't even decorated  yet

(Me and the hubby are still debating about 
what I am allowed and not allowed to do.)
I think I'm winning though. heh :)

and I am always decorating for other peoples events,
sometimes there just isn't time for energy left for myself to
decorate for every holiday.

My solution? Enter "FALLOWGIVING"

It's fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving all wrapped into
one greatly decorated mess that lasts for 
3ish months instead of just one!
Brilliant? Pretty much. :)

I'll be starting a new series on "how to's" that will show you a few of the fun things I've been up to, to create my Fallowgiving this year. That way my house is ready for all this seasons parties, but I don't have to keep a lot up with it as the holiday changes. (until Christmas, of course!)

Check back often! 

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