Fallowgiving: Burlap in the Fall

This is the first project in the Fallowgiving projects to get my home SEASON ready so my holiday decor can last longer. Why not decorate to last Mid Sept-Nov? With busy lives, it seems to be all I have time for.
(Do you get as excited as I do for Halloween and Thanksgiving? I always want to decorate too early. Now I can!)
I love decorating with burlap. It looks so natural and raw and reminds me of harvesting bags which leads me to FALL, ya'll.

I picked the word HARVEST because I felt it is a word that connects 
more to the season then the holiday.

Want to make your own fallowgiving pendant? 
Look below.

First you need to make sure you gather all your supplies.
   Supply list:
              Permanent Marker
              Hot glue gun
              Pendant Template (See below)

 Save and print the template below for a cutting guide to getting identical pendant flags. 
It creates a 3x3 flag.

Cut out the burlap flags. One for each letter you want to spell.

Find a font you want to use on the computer. I choose Capitals. I liked a traditional thick font.

After you find your font you want to use, tape your flag to the screen and trace the letter with your permanent marker. 
(I loved using my computer screen so I didn't waste any extra paper. Just be careful not to write on your screen)
Once you're done outlining your letters, it's time to fill it in. Make sure you do this on scrap paper you don't mind the marker bleeding through on.

This step is additional if you want a more rough look. (Which I did!) Now that your little flags are almost done you just take the flag in your hands and pull on the edges. Like you are gently ripping the edges. It loosens the weave of the burlap and gives the flag a rougher look.
Once your flags are ready. Just hot glue the flags to the ribbon. With burlap, I just used 1 dot on each upper corner, and one dot of glue in the middle/top. Because burlap is a loose weave, I didn't want a lot of glue to show through. 
And TA-DA! You are all ready for your 3 seasons pendant banner that can be used from mid Sept-Nov. Pair it with a pumpkin and now we are talking.
I also did the exact same thing to create a burlap pillow slip cover with the leftover fabric. 
(Check back in a few weeks on how to make a SUPER easy pillow slipcovers. You'll feel like a total seamstress once you try them. I use them all the time for weddings to give them personal touches)

Cute, generic and oh so simple. 
Looking at it makes me excited for all the fun in the season ahead.


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