Mocks Ups=Perfection

Setting up a picture perfect event takes LOTS of hours of prep work. Washing, shinning, windexing and mock ups.

Mock ups are SO important. They are like a test run before the real thing. You could have the best intentions in the word when it comes to your weddings decor, but if you do not measure out the space or try it out, how will you know what will really works? Sometimes I just don't like to leave it up to chance. So I mock it up.

These pictures are a mock up I just worked on for a dessert/cupcake display at a wedding.
Imagine red candy, cupcakes, black and white polka dot background, vertical round pendants...
Oozing Adorableness!

I knew my table would be a 6ft banquet table. So I measured 3ft x 6ft and set it all up to see what would work on the table. 

Can't wait to see this finished product outside this October!

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