Fallowgiving: DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter

I love the look of fresh flowers in my house. But I hate having to throw them away once they start to wilt. (Wilt? Ok, more like I throw them away when they start to decompose on my kitchen counter so when I pour the water down the sink it smells like something has died.)

But this little fallowsgiving decor idea gives me fresh lasting flowers on the counter all season and looks great for parties at our house.

Items you will need:
  •       Plastic .99 cent pumpkin
  •       Potted flower of your choice. 
  •       Patterned fall fabric
  •       Drill 
  •       Mod Podge
  •       Scissors 
  •       Glass plate
  •       *Optional: Baby monitor: I did this whole project in less then 1 nap. SCORE.

Step 1

Cut off the plastic handles

Step 2

Use your drill to drill holes in the bottom of the pumpkin for water drainage.

I did 7 holes on the bottom of my pumpkin for water drainage.

Step 3
Cut your fabric into long strips the length of the side of the pumpkin. I used a table cloth that had been ruined at a wedding.

(*Side note to anyone planning their wedding.... SAY NO TO RED PUNCH. Someone will ruin at least 1 tablecloth. Don't make me say I told you so. :)
Don't worry about the strips being perfect. You can trim them later.

Step 4

Mod Podge the fabric to the pumpkin strip by strip. This is a project that kids could totally help with. You can be messy and don't have to worry about being perfect.

I did a two layers of fabric since my fabric was a wee-bit see through.When you're done trim the top fabric and the bottom to make sure the holes on the bottom aren't covered up and the top just barley folds over.

Step 5

Give your pumpkins a few minutes to dry. Once the glue has dried just take your potted plant out of the store container and put it in your new fall pumpkin planter container.

Then just take the whole planter and place it on the glass plate. (Who wants soil water all over their counter? Not I!)

Wahla! Your new fall pumpkin planter.  Cute, easy...

and all before the baby ever woke up.

Happy Planning


  1. Julie, this is very cute and fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hahaha...I was trying to figure out the whole baby monitor thing. Great idea. May give this a shot. Thanks!


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