Which One?

I am just about to design my office space and need your help!
I love wallpaper and have picked out my top 5.

1. The Seashell
2. Apple Green
3.  Geo Metric
4. Metallic Celadon
5. Silver Damask

I wish I could put everyone of them on my wall, because I see an awesome space in all five. That is why I need your help! :)
Which do you like most?


  1. Metallic Celadon!!

    Its rad :)

    where is your office space?

  2. The silver damask, it will take the longest to become "dated." Which is nice.
    But if I didn't care about it going out of style within the next few years and had funds to update.. I'd pick the Metallic or the Geometric!

  3. Love the apple green!! You can pair it with turquoise, hot pink, orange, gray, many options and classy.

  4. Oh, Silver Damask ALL.THE.WAY. I have to agree with Karlee from above. It'll stay "in" longer (just a classic style) and can also be paired with lots of fun colors during various seasons/months to keep things changing.

  5. the last one 5. Silver Damask

  6. I can't wait for everyone to see which one was ordered. It was back ordered so I won't have it up till March. I'll post pictures when it is set up though! I'm so excited!!

  7. I'm very torn, but my favorite is #1 the apple green and #2 the metallic celado. I object to the others because they are too common/trendy. This means they will look dated faster!


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