Zion Weddings: Trouble Makers

Having a Zion wedding is so gorgeous. You have a naturally beautiful background. In the summer however, there are a few things you need to account for if you're getting married in the park. Like the fact you can't drive into the park to the ceremony location in some areas. You get to ride the bus. :)

But Jealin and I are rebels and took our permit to the ceremony location. Just to make sure it was perfect before it began.

But we got caught! And got pulled over.
Luckily, with a little eye batting and some smooth talking, he gave us an additional permit to drive into the park making it so after the ceremony the couple and their kids got to drive straight down to their private dinner instead of waiting for the bus to come back. 

Thank goodness we got pulled over. It made the event even more custom and special, because weddings don't get to drive into the park at busy season. :)

Thank you park ranger!

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