Las Vegas 1940 Parlor Wedding

Can I just start by saying, Chris and Elyssa are one one of the most hilarious and unique couples! There love for life and each other is contagious! I love being around them (and still look up Chris's website to see the new video comedies he is making with her.)
A large part of inspiration for their wedding came from a favorite movie they have called "The Brothers Bloom."  Once watching it, I absolutely loved it too. The movie has an elegant artistic feel and is, in an odd way, fun. While watching it the theme of a mansion style parlor seemed to fit the style, colors and look of something elegant but fun, perfect. Plus incorporating books just seemed right with the bride graduating in literature and both of them working together on the school newspaper in college.  You can see their inspiration board from a later post here.

Jason with Jason McCrew Photography came all the way from Salt Lake to do their stunning wedding pictures for the day. He started in St. George and came down to the second half of the wedding that took place in Las Vegas. The pictures the beautiful, and I hope to be seeing him down in Southern Utah a lot.The pictures turned out stunning.

Bloomers from St. George did all the floral from the bouquet to the floral centerpieces at the reception in Las Vegas. The size and color of the floral they used where so vibrant and gorgeous tying in the reds, oranges and slight hints of yellow in the billy balls and mums.

The reception took place at the Plaza at Whitney Ranch in Henderson. The great part about this venue is that is it all a neutral color and a blank slate. You rent all the tables, chairs and decor to your taste so it can be personalized. I love it when you can really get into a venue and make it your own.

I loved the centerpieces. Each one was in a brown urn with books to give it an elevations. The brides dad has a book collection that was used. It gave it such a personal touch.

Also, on each guest table was a deck of cards and a book of magic tricks and card games. In the movie "The Brothers Bloom" they play on a lot of magic tricks. This gave the guests something interactive at the tables.

There is a large grand stair case in the front entry, which made a great place for greeting guests and dancing later on in the night. To make sure the party flowed between both rooms, small bistro tables, that fit 4 people, where placed in the front entry in orange with vibrant floral in red vases. This made additional seating for a smaller group and also provided a place for people to watch when the dancing began.
To give the space a more parlor/mansion library feel, bookcases where brought in with special mementos from the bride, groom and their family. This included works of art, pictures of the bride and groom, collectible books, a family vintage typewriter, etc all on display. It was so much fun to look at the bookshelves and see little pieces of the bride and groom. There was also a large brown leather sofa, end tables and ottoman to give a lounge look you would expect for a cozy place to read in your parlor.

In the top right pictures is the well used "Self-Serve" photo booth. There was a red damask screen put up with props like mustaches, eye glasses, a boa etc that a guest could take, snap a photo on a digital camera, and take a paper to let them know where to find the pictures on the couples blog after the wedding. This is also a way families will remember to bookmark their blog and see what they've been up to.

Instead of a wedding cake the bride and groom had bundt cakes from Everything Bundt Cakes. I loved their unique idea of using something different. Luckily for the guests, there was a large table in the room filled with all different flavors of bundt cakes for them to take a piece also and enjoy.

 And what is an event without an amazing spread of food! Since the bride and groom are vegetarians, they had a little of both to please everyone.

Lots of lots of delicious Italian food by their good friend Ray.

Even an Italian Soda Bar with enough flavors for everyone's taste.

Signage is one of my favorite things at wedding. I love taking an invitation and branding it all over the wedding to make it all cohesive. I even used photo shop to create little movie posters about the couple, since one day Chris will be making motion pictures himself. :)

The bride bustin' a move.

Chris and Elyssa, you are amazing. Your wedding was such a blast and I treasure being apart of it. Thanks so much for going along with all the crazy ideas. It can be hard to plan a wedding with both of us being hours away from everything, but you made it so simple and fun. I wish you both the best and know your life will always be full of laughter and great times.

(p.s.- Great choice on the short dress! your legs look awesome! ha :)

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  1. I just love the giveaways and the groom is so charming. He is cute. The bride is beautiful. They look a unique couple but they're love bounded them together...Best Wishes!


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