Wedding or Bust: with Of My Affection

What would happen if you broke down
on the way to your wedding?

This gorgeous photoshoot is all about "getting there".
(Whether a couple has just deciding to take the road to finally get married, or what would happen if you literally broke down on the way to the wedding, like in this photoshoot) 

Sometimes just getting there can be half of the fun.

Broken down? Time to get out and push!
And if all else fails, hitchhike.
If you can't make it, fake it.
Who needs a crowd for dancing and a ceremony?
And for feeding eachother without the cake?
And what would a wedding be without an after ceremony party.

Need I say more? :)

It was a blast creating this fun bridal photoshoot theme and tagging along with the ever so talented Malea and Serena with Of My Affection who do such amazing photography. It makes me want to get married again.

Special thanks to:
 Of My Affection. You have to see these girls in action! There is never a wasted or dull moment and they are always up for anything.
I just adore them and their work!

McKade for hanging out the WHOLE TIME while we played with his awesome car.
(Isn't he a stud?)

And of course our lovely couple who are amazing together! A & D, you were so much fun and total naturals!

-xo jewls

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