For all the Married Folk: Share your wisdom!

I've heard friends say countless times, when they looking back at their wedding day, I wish I would have done this or that differently. Spent more here, cared more there.

So why not pass along this knowledge to the next generation of brides and grooms?

I want to hear from you, all of you that have been married. If you got the chance to re-do your wedding, what would you do differently? Since this is a poll, make sure you leave a comment along with your vote to share your wisdom on why you would do that category different.

-xo jewls


  1. I would have spend more on phtography!! Shopped for quality, not price.

  2. Someone once told me that the 2 most important things of your wedding are: your dress, and the photography. Wish I would have known that! ALWAYS pay extra for a GOOD photographer!! Huge regret of mine.

  3. I agree about the photography!! (Easy for me to say) but it really is the one thing you keep (and a hunk of a husband) after it's all said and done.

  4. I would have hired a wedding planner! I couldn't believe all the work that went into putting my wedding together. I wish my family and parents would have had more time actually enjoying the moment instead of putting our fires and working all day and a few hours after the wedding to clean up. With a planner they could have. Well worth it in hindsight.

  5. Being a professional photographer myself, I will totally agree with paying the money for a photographer that you are in LOVE with. I get calls all the time from brides that HATE their pictures and want them redone. Spend the extra money and do it right the first time.

  6. I would have to say PLANNER! Seriously, you think you can do so many things yourself but if you are the only one that knows the ins and outs of your wedding details then you unfortunately don't get to enjoy your wedding like you should. Planners are wonderful for moral support, and they take responsibility for the WHOLE night- you just get to enjoy it like you should! Planners are worth EVERY PENNY! They save you time & money.


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