From Inspiration to Reality

“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
                                                            - The Cheshire Cat

If we don't know what we want the end product to be, does it matter what it is going to be like? 

At Middle Aisle every single event has to have a "road map." It helps everyone to know where everything will be placed and what the overall event will look like. (Obsessive, maybe.  But it creates a spectacular end product! ) :D I start with an inspiration board for what the overall look of the event should look like.

This inspiration board is from an event this week I was fortunate enough to be able to be apart of called "Launch Your World" put on by Elan Woman Magazine. It is a year long series, and it was so much fun to be apart of their kick off event.

A few things were a must for this celebration of woman. First off, pink and things that sparkle. It also needed to fit the seasons of spring and new beginnings. So the branches and apples were the  perfect touch.

Next the layout of the event is created.

This shows where each table will be placed and how the flow of traffic will be.

I got to work with two amazing woman, Julie Iverson with the BellTower and Olga with Olga Goddard's Floral Design to combined all our resources to pull off this event.

Make sure to check back for the pictures of the event later to see how the inspiration turned into reality.

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  1. Hey Julie, everything was fabulous!!! I enjoyed working with you!!!!


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