Combating your Bridezilla

I hate this term. Bridezilla. But unfortunatley, they are out there.
(I remember being a little one myself when I was married years ago. Sorry mom!) If you're worried this might be you, take a look at how you can combat becoming one.
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If you have ever experienced a bride who asks her bridesmaids to go on a diet for her wedding, asks for cash gifts from her guests or demands multiple parties for herself, you have probably been in contact with a bridezilla.

The term bridezilla is often used to describe part bride and part monster who emerges when the stress and pressure from planning her wedding becomes too much. These brides are given this name for being unpleasant, selfish and perfectionists.

Fortunately for brides, there are ways to combat this monster so that they do not become a bridezilla.

One important way to not become a bridezilla is to always say thank you to family, friends and vendors. By showing gratitude, brides will begin to recognize how much time others have put into their wedding. Remembering to always be appreciative will help brides keep friendships intact.

If a bride knows that she is a perfectionist, it is important to hire professional perfectionists from the beginning of the planning process. Professionals help brides know if what they want is reasonable and if they can accomplish the brides vision or not.

By the bride recognizing if she is a perfectionist will help with any disappointments and bad feelings toward loved ones who have volunteered to help with the wedding.

The conversation never goes well and bad feelings can arise when a friend who volunteered to do the wedding cake shows up with a disaster falling off the cake stand instead of the cake the bride had imagined.

Another way to not become a bridezilla is for a bride to set clear expectations for friends and family members she would like to be included in the wedding and how involved she would like them to be. This should never be a demand, but a sincere request to be a part of the wedding because she wants them to share in her big day.

When all else fails remember simply to treat others like you would like to be treated if the roles were someday reversed, because one day they just might.

Do you have a bridezilla experience? Let's hear it!

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