Eggplant, Burnt Orange and Chocolate Brown: Cookie Bar & Steamer Bar Signs


Imagine each one cut out if you will. :)

The bride and groom are doing a cute cookie bar with 5 different kinds of cookies. Here is a preview of the cookie signs. It is going to be alot of fun! Especially with the steamer bar. A steamer bar is like hot chocolate but with amazing flavors like almond and french vanilla served in a bar style. Check back for the pictures in a few weeks.


  1. Hi Julie,

    The reception was awesome! We were talking afterward about how great everything looked, and how it would've been handy to have had you to do our wedding. Live and learn, I guess :)

    Thanks for letting us scout out the reception to get a feel for the lighting and photography opportunities. And thanks for letting me take my turn at the cookie bar!

    Thanks again,

    Craig and Kaity Janis

  2. You're too sweet, thanks! It was so fun to meet you both. How did everything go with the wedding pictures? I was thinking about you Saturday hoping everything turned out great! Good to hear from you. :)


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