Don't Forget to Tip

We give a tip to our hair stylists, valets, delivery drivers and waiters. We give tips for services that are above the average to the exceptional.

 This holds true to the wedding industry also. When someone has gone above and beyond to ensure your wedding day is perfect, it is not uncommon to tip those professionals.
Since these are not typical services that we tip for everyday, follow these simple guidelines to know what is appropriate.

When it comes to catering, a gratuity is usually already built in. Make sure you understand your contract and know if a gratuity was already added.

If not, remember to add a gratuity anywhere from 15 percent to 20 percent of the total bill. You would tip your waiter, so remember to tip your wait staff and adjust for this expense on your overall budget.

If you have a bartender at your event, decide beforehand if you will be allowing a tip jar to be placed at the bar or if you will be tipping the bartender yourself. If you would like to tip the bartender yourself plan on a 20 to 25 percent gratuity on the total bill.

If you will be having a tip jar and the bartender exceeds your expectations, a 10 percent tip is appropriate.

Officiants, who performs the ceremony, can receive a gratuity also; however, it may not be appropriate in some cases. Anywhere from $50 to $100 can be given to a clergy member for a donation or gratuity.

Civil officiants, like a clerk or judge, may not be allowed to accept anything other than the flat fee. Make sure you check with your officiant before hand.

As for photographers, florists, bakers, wedding planners and disc jockeys, a tip is not required. If you feel as though any of them were exceptional a 15 percent to 20 percent gratuity is a great gesture to show them how pleased you were.

If tipping is not an option, a gesture all wedding professionals love to receive are thank you notes. This lets the vendor know that they exceeded your expectations and did their job well done.

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