Introducing the NEWEST little member of Middle Aisle

I'm going to get a little personal for a minute because I am absolutely infatuated with this little guy. After 9 months of being preggo, doing weddings, being at expo shows, etc (Did you see that crazy girl with the giant belly waddling around? Yup, Hi, that was me :) Well, the little man has finally come!

This is my sweet little Baby J.

It's amazing how having something so sweet in your arms makes things coming into focus in your life and see the big picture. He has given me a renewed excitement for weddings. After all, first comes love, then comes marriage.... and well you know the rest. ;)

It's amazing to create weddings that start a new chapter in a couples lives. There will be so many beautiful days ahead of them and I'm grateful I get to be apart of one of them.

Lots of love and happy planning!

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