Classic Red, Black & White Wedding

Your classic red, black and white wedding will always be classic combination in weddings colors. This is an adorable example of a wedding we did at Astoria this past month in those colors. The bride and groom were great to work with and it was fun to get to do a wedding over at the new venue Astoria. 

The aisle was lined with red rose petals and glass cylinders with rose petals and floating candles. 
I especially loved the branch ceremony pieces by Bloomers. Such a simple design with such a big impact.
The food was done by Katering Koncepts. The whole staff was great about helping with everything they could and making sure everything stayed stocked and fresh. I just love working with them.
One of the most adorable and unique things at Astoria are the pastry cases. These pastry cases had cupcakes, brownie bites and ice cream for ice cream sundaes.  Guests got to come to the cases, pick what they want, and get served like a cupcake/ice cream parlor.
I absolutely love signage at weddings. I believe it is a necessary at every wedding event. Whether it is your names, menu's or the itinerary for the night. It creates such a uniformed look without a large expense. This wedding was so easy to incorporate signage everywhere that matched their invites. 
The cake was done by Bridal Cakes by Yvonne. It was two different flavors and alternated between square and round layers.
The ballroom at Astoria.
The parlor at Astoria.
Candy bar in the parlor by the Grooms cousin.
Kory and Aurora saying their "I Do's."

Kory & Aurora, It was so much fun to get to know you both and your families! The whole day was so much fun and we loved being able to be apart of your special day. We wish you the best in your life together!

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  1. It was certainly a beautiful venue for the wedding and the red roses and decorations complemented the entire setting really well. You guys did an impressive job in setting up the lovely arrangements for this event. We are also planning and organizing my cousin’s wedding at one of the best event venues Chicago.


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