My 2010 "WOW" Wedding Predictions

Written by Julie Hinton for The Spectrum.

If you are planning a wedding in the year 2010, here are some trends you might
consider to give your event that "wow factor."

Seeing in grays

Any colors paired with shades of gray are popular this year. Adding gray makes other colors pop and puts a trendy spin on any color combination.

An example is colors like purple or yellow with shades of gray, which help make the colors fresh.

Intimate weddings

In the past, it was not uncommon for Southern Utah weddings to see 300 or more guests attend a reception or open house. Busy guest schedules are limiting the number of events they are able to attend. As a result, brides and grooms are opting towards saving their time and money with a more intimate approach.
Couples are paring down the guest list to include those that are immediate family and close friends and treating them to a sit down dinner and night of events.

They will be spending their money on treating their guests to a personal celebration instead of feeding the masses with finger foods. This approach allows guests to plan on a wedding as a night out and a bride and groom get to enjoy the company of those who care about them most.

Out with the new, in with the old

Mismatched decor, lace from a thrift shop and handmade goods describe this new trend in weddings. Vintage weddings are going to make a stronger debut this year in Southern Utah.

A vintage wedding brings items from home, borrows friend's items, or hunts down decor at thrift shops, in classified ads or at garage sales.

These types of weddings have charm and character at every turn. A bride that chooses this type of weddings has a keen eye for style. They also need plenty of time to spend finding items that make it look like they were placed in their weddings on purpose, or a wedding designer who has the right style to do it for you.

Wearable dresses

This year, bridesmaids will be able to pick out dresses that look best on them, even if they are not all the same. To have a coordinating look, brides can decide whether they will all be wearing the same color or just have one item in common like their shoes or flower in their hair.

Perfectly matching bridesmaid's dresses are no longer all that is acceptable.


Last year ostrich feather were seen all over at weddings and events. This year all feathered friends will be welcomed from peacocks to pheasant feathers as brides are becoming more comfortable in including this dramatic and unusual texture to their event.

Many types of feather are now being offered in a faux to give the same look without harming an animal.

No matter what trends you choose, the most important thing to remember is to create a wedding that reflects you.

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