The Costly Truth

I am constantly record wedding shows on my tivo and watch them into the wee hours of the night. My poor husband sometimes has to drag me away to get me to go to bed.

One of my favorites is David Tutera's My Fair Wedding. I have only one problem with it... They don't tell you how much it would actually cost to do it yourself! Some of the things he has done for these couples belong on Platinum Weddings. (yet another tivo'd show)

So I thought it would be interesting to take a beautiful wedding tablescape and break it all down into costs. I think sometimes we forget how fast things add up, even if the set up seems a little simpler like the picture below.

This isn't a wedding I have done, so it could cost alot different. Heck, for all I know this person borrowed all their china and grew the flowers on their porch. :) But if you are to do this tablescape in Southern Utah here is the price you would be looking at.

Isn't the drop ceiling breathe taking? This is an event done by La Partie Events in Cali. They do AMAZING work, make sure you check them out.

If done in Southern Utah:

(8) Chivarli chairs w/ Pads: $110.00- ($13.75 each)-rented
(1) 5' round table: $7.95-rented
(1) 120 Round Ivory Table Cloth: $12.95-rented
(8) Ivory Napkins (w/ folding): $20.00-rented
(8) Dinnerware place settings: $25.20- ($3.15 each setting)-rented
(8) Wine and Water Goblets: $4.00- (.50 each)-rented
(3) small centerpieces (peonies, roses and hydranga) in glass vases: $150
Sprinkled Rose Petals: $7.00
(6) Votives: $3.00 - (.50 each)-rented
(8) Menu Card (full color) w/ designer: $24.00- ($3 each)
Table Number $5.00

Total: $371.11
per table for 8 people

Now times that by how many tables you'll need.

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