Elan Woman Photoshoot: Part #2

The wedding expo was such a blast to be apart of this past January. If you went to it, you might remember this tablescape from our expo booth. I was lucky enough to be able to take that set up for an amazing photoshoot for Elan Woman Magazine with Nick Adams Photography and Bloomers Floral and Decor the next day.

It's amazing how talented photographers, lighting and a garden setting can take a tablescape to the next level.

(Some of my favorite decor pieces I've put in my office are those artichokes. :)
The floral arrangement was amazing. The quality of flowers Bloomers uses in ther arrangement is always the best.
Details, details, details.

(Part #3 to come soon.)

-xo jewls


Smitten over these adorable banners

I just wanted to take a minute and brag about how AMAZING Middle Aisle brides are. :)

Stephanie is getting married this August and has amazing style & vision. I've been so lucky to know Steph since college and couldn't be more excited for her upcoming wedding to a great guy and seeing their unique style come together.

Steph saw some banners on Etsy and took them to the next level!
She has hand-made these adorable goodies in her wedding colors and personalized them.

They look amazing!!
 I can't wait to see them in action this August. :)

-xo jewls

A Little Video Fun

Me and my flip camera have teamed up so Middle Aisle can now have a YouTube channel of all the things we are up to. :)

Check back often as more things will be added as much as possible.

-xo jewls


Real Weddings: Bridal Session w/ Scott & Tess

These two are so fun & cute. And it was a blast getting to tag along with the Alisha with One Memory at a Time and help out where I could. Thanks everyone for humoring my crazy picture ideas. It was a blast. I can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding.

This one is one of my favorites!
Photography by: One Memory at a Time

-xo jewls


The ugly side of weddings

When the night is over, the guests have gone home
and the bride and groom are happily on their way.

The night of work has just begun!!

Good thing I even love the clean up side of weddings!
Even the linen laundry.

Happy Planning

-xo jewls

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